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Devin Marconi

House District #10 Candidate


(406) 500 - 5454



Quote from a student of Prof. Marconi's American Government course.

 "Mr. Marconi was amazing at answering questions. Very friendly, laid back, and easy to talk to. If there was a concept someone did not understand, he made sure to take the time to address it further."
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A Bit About Me

   I want to start by telling you about my connection to this beautiful state and why my experiences have brought me to run for office. My mother's Scobey origins, my siblings' upbringing in Hamilton, and my parents' story that unfolded at the University of Montana all converge to make me who I am proud to be today. I promise to enter every interaction representing my honest self. I am a southerner with deep family roots with this state. I came back to reconnect with my family roots and fell in love with the state I now call home. 


   I remembered the stories my brother and sister told me about living on the side of a mountain and not having a neighbor for miles. After years of dreaming about what they were depicting and seeing some mesmerizing pictures of the landscape, I decided to exclusively apply to colleges in Montana. Beyond Montana's immense beauty, I stayed here beyond college for the genuine connections. Whether it's the local tone at the coffee shop or the discussions in nearly every environment, I love the authenticity in every interaction. I cherished the beautiful moments I had as I visited the small towns my family lived in throughout the state. Once my partner told me that she got a job in Kalispell, Montana, I was thrilled to lay my roots in the most beautiful town in the state. I quickly found work at the community college teaching what I love and believe is the most important courses for individuals to take to better their lives: American Government and Political Theory. I have loved working with the unique perspectives present in this town and the honesty that every individual brings into every interaction. 


   Growing up in the politically diverse environment of Richmond, Virginia, surrounded by liberal, conservative, northern, and southern influences within my own family and friends, I've learned the art of bridging partisan divides. This experience has not only shaped my worldview but also influenced my approach to both work and social relationships. I believe in the power of working with people you disagree with. I moved to study at the University of Montana and fell even further in love with the state, spending just as much time in the classroom as I did exploring the state and outdoors. I met my partner, a soon to be dedicated school teacher in Kalispell. She continues to drive me to be a better teacher, coach, and citizen every day. 

   As I embark on this political journey, I carry with me the values instilled by my upbringing, the lessons learned from diverse perspectives, and the unwavering support of a community that holds a special place in my heart.

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Why am I a Democrat?

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Don't worry, I'm not going to talk about Trump or Biden at all. Below is my personal reason for identifying as a democrat.

   My father founded his political identity on the basis of equality at a pivotal point in our history in the 1960s. Following in his footsteps, I identified with the democratic party and liberal ideology because of the foundational drive to better the lives of the individuals having the most challenging time in society. As I grew older, I found an economic rationality behind this concept; if we give money to those in need, they will spend it at the store for essential resources (and pay taxes). That store then pays employees (pays more taxes) and/or buys more inventory (more taxes). And if all of these people are spending their money at local businesses, most of their money will end up doing the same thing and the government will gain significant tax revenue without harming a person's spending habits, and could even lower the tax rate at every step. 

   Our federal government's role should be minimal but intervene when necessary to protect individual rights from unruly majorities. The government should NEVER prevent individual rights and freedoms from being exercised. All policymakers should think of one word when drafting legislation on social issues: liberty. Liberty is our right to be whoever and do whatever we desire up until the point where we infringe upon our neighbor's right to do the exact same thing. I believe the foundational ideas present within the democratic party encourage building a strong federal government to ensure our citizens' liberty. The sole purpose of this strong federal government is to protect liberty.


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Devin Marconi with Monica Tranel, candidate for the US House of Representatives.

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Adjunct Professor

     I have been teaching courses at Flathead Valley Community College since graduating college. I teach Intro to American Government and Political Theory to members of our community. As I have taught on the beautiful campus at FVCC I have interacted with the perspectives present within this community. As I teach my courses I emphasize the objective truth that our country is strong and dominate on the world stage due to the ability of our founding fathers to compromise and create an environment in which the most protected right is the right to be unique and fight to be represented by the state.

Learn more about my work as a professor on or check out some of my material on my YouTube page.


     I spent my years as a Graduate Student at the University of Montana studying the dimensions of our every day lives that guide and constrain our ability to be represented by our state. I wrote a Master's Thesis that identifies the ways in which our every day habits guide our perceptions of each other and cloud our ability to represent our unique interests. In my research I identified the value of local politics. Local politics allow for regional differences. We must identify the traits that make our community unique and protect them with legislation that does not impede others to do the same. I promise to utilize my research to draft legislation that (1) represents our unique interests while (2) not giving other representatives the incentive to halt our legislation. We must advocate for our interest while not stepping on the toes of others to ensure the longevity of our actions. 


     I have worked diligently with the impressive high school students of Kalispell as a debate coach. My work with these students help improve my ability to navigate complex issues and topics. These experiences have equipped me with the ability to dissect intricate policy matters, such as tax codes, and devise social issues. Because of this work I understand the importance of balancing budgets, stimulating economic growth, and ensuring fairness in our economic and political system – issues that directly impact the livelihoods of Montanans.


     In the classroom, I have honed my ability to listen, understand, and collaborate with diverse groups of individuals. These skills will be invaluable as I work to represent the varied interests and concerns of Montana's residents. I am committed to fostering an environment where every voice is heard, ensuring that the needs of our communities are at the forefront of legislative decisions.


     As a citizen and possible representative of the great state of Montana I promise to ensure my close proximity to the people of this community. I will deny campaign contributions that push me towards the interests of businesses and corporations that do not have your interests in mind. My priority will always be building a stronger community where I live. I am and will always be a citizen that is vulnerable to the impacts of my legislation. The second that representatives detach themselves from their community is the second they lose access to the true interests of their community.




(406) 500 - 5454



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