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Devin Marconi '24

House District #10

My campaign is founded on three principles: Your voice matters, bipartisanship is necessary, & local politics solves real problems.

I promise to make myself the most accessible representative in this state and to work diligently to not be distracted by national party politics. If elected, I will provide you direct access to your government.

Mountain Lake

Devin Marconi for House District #10

Devin Marconi is a grassroots politician trying to help bring back local politics. Utilizing his expertise in Political Science as a researcher, professor, and citizen, he promises to provide direct access to his constituents, provide clear explanations of the work he aims to do, and work with both sides of the political aisle. Devin will put partisanship to the side to draft legislation that represents the community. Help Devin build an even stronger community that protects the culture and traditions of Montana, while ensuring we do not fall to the wayside in this developing world. 

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Our Message


Your Voice Matters!

I need your voice to understand what could improve the lives of Montana citizens. Communication helps my campaign understand what issues deserve to be prioritized. I do not want to speak for you but instead work for you. You need to tell me what needs to be improved or protected within this community and I promise to use my expertise to draft successful legislation.


Bipartisanship Matters!

We must unite the two political parties. No state provides a better opportunity to lead the county into a bipartisan direction than the state of Montana. We must protect the culture and wellbeing of Montana. I promise to draft legislation that appeals to both parties. Acknowledging that the Republican party is in the majority within this state I promise to only draft legislation that both parties can support.



Local Politics Matter!

Representation starts with the people. National issues need not guide our interests! Instead we must lead the discussion among national politics by prioritizing our unique regional interests. We need to prioritize working with our neighbors before we work within our parties. Our neighbors regardless of their partisan identity agree that we must protect the values of Montana and we cannot allow national issues to distract us from protecting our way of life!

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Where is Devin Marconi?

Click the button below to see upcoming events in which you can come and talk to Devin.

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