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Positions on top issues

I want to provide each of you with my position on the issues that are most relevant to our lives. Below you will see my personal beliefs on issues like, homelessness, crime,  housing, taxes, and more. If you do not agree with my position, I encourage you to reach out to ensure that I can understand your position better. Understanding your perspectives clearly will enable me to draft legislation that represents your interests, not mine. I provide my positions on key issues to provide a starting point for our conversation and to ensure transparency regarding my personal beliefs. 

Personal Beliefs

     Below I am providing a brief description of my thoughts on top issues within this community. In my responses I am aiming to provide you a direct and honest summary of not only my beliefs but also how I will act upon my beliefs with acknowledgement of the limitations that partisanship impose. If you would like to hear what I have to say about a specific issue, email me and I will provide a personal response addressing what I personally believe in addition to what I believe I can do to represent our united beliefs on these issues. I will also acknowledge the limitations of reality and answer honestly by telling you to the best of my ability precisely what I aim to do for us. 

Top Issues


My stance on crime centers around ensuring the safety and well-being of the citizens of Kalispell, and the broader community. I confidently believe that a safe and comfortable community is essential for fostering trust and collaboration. I want to take a two-pronged approach that aims to first do what I can to instill security among all of us and, secondly, make sure that we have a positive relationship with the ones providing that safety. I will do everything I can to facilitate collaboration through community engagement among citizens and law enforcement. Together, we can build a safe and connected community that ensures the security of all of us while also providing the resources needed when individuals have their worst days.


I believe it is important to try and limit the way in which taxes affect people. I want to make sure government spending stays within this state and county. When we subsidize big businesses, corporations, and the extremely wealthy, we allow for our nation's wealth to be isolated in bank account abroad. When we subsidize the lower classes and small/local businesses, we see every dollar stay within our community. 

My stance on taxes revolves around the idea of minimizing the burden on all citizens, particularly those in lower tax brackets. When it comes to taxes on the wealthy, I do NOT believe blind increases are the solution. I advocate for a strategic approach that ensures that there are no increases in taxes that alter anyone's spending habits or prohibit an individual from saving for the future. We need to ensure that we have the tax revenue to provide essential resources but not impede our accessibility to wealth. What I believe we should and could do is establish a bipartisan approach to fiscal responsibility, where Democrats and Republicans work hand in hand to scrutinize government spending and identify areas where we can maximize efficiency and provide resources that give us all the opportunity of wealth. Due to my limitations, I promise to focus on ensuring that our district has the most resources possible to address weather, crime, homelessness, infrastructure, and whatever challenges come our way.


Homelessness is a pressing issue demanding purposeful resource allocation. We should focus on providing resources that not only secure shelter but also aid individuals in rebuilding their lives. This includes initiatives to improve health outcomes, create a welcoming community environment, and ensure everyone has the opportunity to contribute positively. What we could do is collaborate with frontline organizations, identifying the most critical needs and enacting legislation that supports the homeless population without burdening the general public. What I can do is ensure law enforcement has the necessary resources to maintain safety among the homeless and provide housing and warming shelters with the means to protect individuals from harsh weather conditions and do so in a way that does place an unnecessary burden on anyone. 

Housing prices

Regarding the rapidly increasing housing costs in our community, we must ensure affordable and high-quality housing for our residents in the midst of heightened demand for this beautiful area. While it's flattering that many desire to call Kalispell home, we must implement measures to guarantee accessible housing for those that have been here for generations. What we should do is maintain and consider increases in caps on the percentage of homes available for short-term rentals, like Air B&Bs and vacation rentals, and implement controls to prevent unrealistic housing costs. Considering our limitations, we recognize the challenge of balancing demand and affordability. What we could do is find innovative solutions to bridge the gap between rising housing costs and the relatively stagnant income and wages of Kalispell citizens, ensuring sustainable growth without compromising the charm of our community.

Gun Rights

As a Democrat representing a Republican state, my stance on gun rights is rooted in a deep respect for the Second Amendment and a commitment to preserving the rich tradition of responsible gun ownership in Montana. I want to make it unequivocally clear that I have no intention of disarming any U.S. citizens. Instead, I believe we can craft legislation that upholds individual rights to own guns while encouraging responsible practices. Montana stands as the nation's leader in responsible gun ownership, and my goal is to protect and promote this tradition. I firmly believe that we don't need to overhaul our ways but rather lead the nation by example, showcasing our unique ability to ensure responsible gun ownership without compromising our values and heritage.

Fire Prevention and Preparedness

In Kalispell, Montana, and the greater area, the imperative of fire prevention and preparedness is clear for every one of us. It is paramount that we proactively engage in discourse and collaboration with researchers, fostering rational debates to identify effective strategies for drafting legislation that protects us from the natural threats present within our community. By prioritizing dialogue with experts, researchers, and firefighters we can tap into their invaluable insights to develop comprehensive plans tailored to Kalispell's unique topography and environmental conditions. Through this approach, I aim to strike a balance between safeguarding our community and minimizing the financial burden on all of us. My strategy will emphasize a culture of awareness, education, collaboration, and above all, communication. By uniting our efforts, we can navigate the challenges posed by wildfires. In the face of nature's unpredictability, our commitment to informed, cost-effective preparedness is the cornerstone of a safer, more secure Montana for generations to come. We must prioritize protecting the natural beauty of our community to ensure economic stability and that we do not lose our unique Montana appeal. 




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