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What can a house representative do for you?

Understanding the roles and limitations of elected officials is essential for constituents. It empowers informed engagement, enabling citizens to advocate effectively within their representatives' scope of authority, fostering a more engaged democracy. This is why I want to provide you with a brief summary of what a Montana House Representative can do for you. 

How can a state house representative impact my life?

What will my approach be?

I want to remind you of the three principles my campaign is founded on. These three principles are: Your voice matters, Bipartisanship is necessary, & local politics solves real problems.

I promise to make myself the most accessible representative in this state and to work diligently to not be distracted by national party politics. If elected, I will provide you direct access to your government through routine events in which I will encourage disagreement. I promise to engage with individuals representing the most conservative and liberal groups. Above all, our local businesses are front and center in my mind. I wrote my Mater's thesis on the importance of local business. I promise to build a community that protects our Montana way of life while encouraging the growth of our local Montana businesses.

Reach out to my opponent!

I am running against Terry Falk, an incumbent representative that previously represented House District #8. Lets have open discussions with both candidates and see how we differentiate in our approaches to representing you all!

Please google his name and use whatever resources you can find to contact him to have a RESPECTFUL conversation about the issues. That is the only way we can make our democracy work for us!




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